Backing wind – topsails set

Backing wind – topsails set
Yesterday we were on a straight course to the
Azores, but the wind has backed into the North East again and so we are still
making a little West while we are trying to get North North East. With the wind
backing it has also decreased, luckily the waves did not take long to lessen as
well! With the wind decreasing we pulled out the reef in the mizzen and set the
big jib again, that was not enough, we thought.. so we set the topsails as well.

And now you must be thinking.. topsailS? Surely she must mean, topsaiL,
only the mizzen topsail, as the mainsail is ripped and set with the first reef
in. But we had to try and as the wind is light, it was perfect weather to try
and attach the halyard of the maintopsail all the way at the top of the boom
(the Tecla gafftopsails are attached to a boom, as we have no topmast) and see
if this would fill the whole gap between gaff and mast. And although it might
look a little funny and close hauled sailing is not our strength right now, it
is working!! The sail is pulling her weight and with both topsails set we gained
a 1,3 knots in speed!! Horta here we come!

And as our plans changed a
little last month, we will be arriving a little earlier on the Azores. Which
brings with her the beautiful reunion with our Ocean Wandering friends onboard
the Europa! The Europa and Oosterschelde (who is almost back in the Netherlands)
have spend the last months in colder climates, we are looking forward to hearing
their stories of cold, while we are still thinking of all the sun and beaches,
swimming and diving and the warmth of Brazil.

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