Be inspired. INSPIRED

Be inspired. INSPIRED
so we are set free on the keyboard again to give
everyone another insight into our lives on board! the instructions we have are
to be inspiring…but without lying (small exaggerations are permitted). So with
this in mind we are pleased to inform you that the waves are 60ft high, the
winds are 110km an hour and we are all pirates with rum addiction becoming a
problem on board. this morning alone we caught a whale and are feasting on it as
we speak (midnight snack). Gijs has grown shoulder length hair and has so much
black eyeliner on he looks like he has been wrestling albatross in his downtime
and Jet is now a mermaid. she has a pool in the cellar.

the truth is slightly less exciting…the wind has increased to about 15/20 knots and with a
much calmer downwind swell we are comfortably storming along towards the horn at
7.5 knots, occasionally 8 or 9! this has brought with it the first waypoint so
now we are truly into our qualifying passage of 3000 miles around Cape Horn
after which we will be crowned Kings of the Sea! (or ‘Mariners of Cape Horn’).
This also means that we can no longer use the engine to assist us in our journey
so our fate is truly now in the hands of the wind…which is doing pretty good,
coming from the NW. Due to our speed we aren’t fishing but we have just had
bananas and custard which has warmed us up well. As for the other ‘slight
exaggerations’…the male beards are looking pretty impressive right now but
makeup doesn’t exist for us, you’ll be lucky if you meet someone who has showered
in the last three days. However, Jet is definitely a mermaid. Fact.

all joking aside it must be noted that what we are doing is pretty exciting and I
dare say inspiring. whilst we aren’t exactly enthusiastic about the weather
(grey with a hint of grey and drizzle) knowing that we are on a straight course
right to the bottom of South America is pretty cool. Looking around there are
nods of agreement in the aft cabin. yep, it’s pretty cool. All sails set, flying
along in the middle of the night this is really one of those things that you
dont get to do every day.

As for the rum addiction…it hasn’t come to
that, although we are two and a half hours in to Sunday which means a beer or a
glass of wine with dinner! we also have had some fabulous news from Jannette in
the ‘real world’ that warrants a celebration…at the annual Sail Training
Conference back in Europe Tecla has been named the Small Ships Sail Training
Organisation of 2013! Living on board gives us an insight into just how hard
these guys work to really educate, teach (we even have classes outside of sail
handling), look after us and…INSPIRE. They truly deserve more recognition than
our smelly hugs can give them here so this award is well deserved,

with our congratulations to the Tecla team and love to those at
home, Herkki, Richard and Emily. Red watch out

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