Beating up against a North wind – in the SUN!Beating up against a North wind – in the SUN!

Beating up against a North wind – in the SUN!
After so many days of being
cold and wet and only seeing grey skies around the Southern Ocean, it is amazing
to have days like today! Even if we had to start the engine because wind turned
against us; we had sunny weather all day long! We worked on deck, did some
varnishing when the sun cooled of a bit and when we got cold standing in the
shade, we just stood in the sun some more!

Why lie on the beach in
Brazil, getting sunburned, if you can sail passed the beach in search for nice
anchorages and spots to go diving and still get sunburned?! (you can still join
us for 2 of the 3 cruises… Carnival in Rio? Sounds like a good plan!!)

The nights are getting longer and longer. The sun does not rise until
watch hand over; I guess we will have to get used to shorter days again. Right
now it is 5 o clock board time, it is pitch dark outside with a sky filled with
stars. We are close to land, beating against a North North East wind. We have
the engine on because there is a current running south as well and progress
under sail was minimal. Our weather report says the wind should turn to the west
during the day.
Around us, thunder clouds are moving in again. The air is
warm, but damp, ideal for some good light shows in the clouds. And we are
surrounded by small fishing vessels. Local boats with all sorts of lights on,
some have red white red (restricted by depth…? in 23m deep water.. and a boat
only 20m long?), others just have a massive amount of lights.. no idea what the
front of the last one was.. and others have a perfectly visible red above white,
but no board lights.. only by a sudden appearance of deck lights can you tell
they have turned. Luckily they all show up on the radar very well!

are all looking forward to being back in Brazil. In Santos we will have sailed a
full circle around the world and for the first time in 10 months we will be in a
place we have once been before!

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