Beyond the trade winds

Yesterday we said goodbye to the Southern Cross. It faithfully watched over us for more than 6 months and kept us on course. The average passer-by would not have recognized the last stage of this iconic constellation. But for us her half sunken silhouette was unmistakable and the main topic of many a watch hand over! However her counterpart in the opposite hemisphere, the great dipper is nearly keeping its feet dry while circling Polaris. We know the way now! Nearly there… We left the Cross and with it the last puffs of the trade winds. They are now well hidden behind a firm wall of clouds far away in a different world.

A nasty little cross sea is what mainly occupies our existence at the moment. It is hard to escape! Luckily there is just enough wind to make us heel over a little and absorb most of the onslaughts. We are currently dealing with our first high pressure area, and it is spinning the right way around again! Tomorrow evening the first depression will make its presence felt by increasing south westerly winds veering north west. We have started to take our precautions by getting in to the right mind set. Some of us have decided to wear shoes again. I personally will put this of a little longer. 

Our gaze is in to the future, more precise Horta, Faial, Azores. We will do a pit stop to bunker some diesel and then lock stock go, paddle to the floor for the last leg going home!

All is well, Nico, Enki, Jonny(Jimmy Button) Gijs

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