Blue, Blue, Blue, Blue

We have been sailing at one length for over 36 hours now, no engine, no drifting, just a steady speed of 3 to 4 knots, now even up to 6 or 7 knots!! Doldrums here we come!
During the day the sea and the sky where so amazingly blue, there is only one place on earth where you can find these colors, and that is out here on the Ocean. The deep blue makes you aware of how dazzlingly deep this big ocean really is and how far it stretches out over the earth. The water is perfectly clear, if you hang over the side of the ship, you can see the keel as if it was only 50 centimeters under the water, the fish and diving birds, you can see until there is not enough light to see them, or a wave takes them out of sight. And the best bit is, you cannot bottle this color, you cannot imitate this fastness, it is only out here that you can really experience what deep water is and how beautiful this empty ocean can be!


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