Blue blue ocean!

22’18.0N 035’48.7W course 348′ speed 5kn

Our mast monkey Tom had to go up for a line that had shot up. And while doing so he got some amazing shots of how blue, deep blue, the ocean is around us. While we almost forget to notice the blue, as it blends into our every day life, it stands out when you see his pictures.
The other pictures in the picture of the day contest where of the sunset last night. The 20-00 was the only watch awake to see it, but it apparently was a spectacular sunset. Bright red skies, from West stretching all the way to the East, with different shades of red, orange and pink. What I could see from the pictures it truly was a spectacular sight!

Today was another Sunny day, after a day of clouds and some rainy showers, we had some beautiful sailing with a force 4 to 5 from the North East by East. The wind is getting more and more east in its direction, and with a decreasing sea state we have been able to come up a few degrees during the day. Not yet fully North and no East in our course yet, we are making good head way. Just over 60 miles North and we are out of the Tropics. During the day its still fairly warm, but during the nights we have gradually slid into long pants and long sleeves, I am even wearing one of my Icelandic woolen sweaters already!

On another note, we have gone into a new challenge, 18 different ways of preparing pumpkin! So far we have used it in cake (carrot cake without carrot but with pumpkin), breakfast muffins, mashed potatoes, a toast spread for our sunday beer snack, soup, baked in the oven, steamed in the oven, in curry and in vegetarian corn pancakes..
We plan to use it in a pumpkin chutney, vegetarian burgers, banana and pumpkin bread and pumpkin risotto.
Now, if anybody can help out with the other 5 options…?! I still have the recipe Jasmijn send in, with the quiche with banana as egg replacer, will try that one for sure!! So another 4 recipes? We could not find the right one for pumpkinpie.. I know Krista knows a good recipe for that…!

All is well on board, with another 8 pumpkins to go! Jet

The picture of the day was not in my mailbox. I will post it, as soon as I receive the photo of the sun set. Have a nice day, Jannette

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