Blue water sailing

12-2-2023, 1500 utc, 56’26S 064’49W, course 135, speed 6.5kn

The last trip down to the white continent has started in great fashion. Like every trip should start: under sail!!! Like a young mare, Tecla set of out of the Beagle doing 9kn! It didn’t last al day but we sure lived for that moment! Passing Alcomar Snipe (control post of the Chilean navy) we were under engine again. No problem! The forecast for the Drake passage looked good so no time like the present! The detour to catch a glimpse of Cape Horn was canceled early in the morning because of adverse winds. You can’t have it all. Now just after lunch we have set some more sail and shook out the reef’s that where in the mizzen and main sail for the first time in two months! Engine of, sunglasses on! Time for some blue water sailing!

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