Blue Water sailing

30-12 01:05 board time

Today was a true Blue Water sailing day. When I came on watch just before noon, Krista said, “Before you go downstairs, you really have to come outside and see this!” And with this, she meant the amazing blue color the water was. The sun was shining, the wind was still moderately strong and we were speeding along with 9 knots, through blue water that seemed to belong in some warmer tropical or mediteranean places. What a sight!

In the afternoon the water was filled with groups of dolphins as well, white sided ones and Hourglass dolphins! What a sight as they played in our bow wave!

During the afternoon the wind decreased and the sea calmed down, making it a smooth sail. Just 20 minutes ago we lost the wind for a spell, but now it has returned and we are back to doing 6 and even 7 knots. We have about 150 miles to go to the 50′ South and were expecting to be becalmed during this night… so far so good! Right now we are steering a course of 030′ on the compass, 040′ over the ground, in about 4 hours, we can start heading 360′ and go straight for the red ribbon awaiting us. Wind and weather allowing of course.

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