Although life has gone back to almost normal in many countries, traveling by ship can still be fairly complicated. To make life a little easier, here is some more information on how the Tecla operates under these circumstances. 

Booking your voyage:

The Tecla, as your package deal provider, is obliged to refund you your voyage fair, if due to Covid-19 the vessel is unable to enter a port, or sail the voyage.

If due to any of these reasons your voyage has to be cancelled by the Tecla, you will be refunded. If YOU have to cancel your voyage due to illness or a last minute positive test, please make sure you have the right travel insurance before you cancel, as you can not claim any refund with the Tecla. 

If the Tecla cancels her voyages, refunding can be done in three ways, you can be re-booked on a different voyage of your choosing, you can take a lifelong voucher or we can refund the voyage fair paid to us, to your account (this will be minus the booking fee of the agent, if you used one. A refund from them needs to be asked for directly with them). 

When booking, please make sure you yourself fully comply with the demands of the countries you will visit, a short sum up can be found below.

During your voyage

The Tecla accepts the terms of the countries she visits. Some countries will ask you for a test before arrival, many countries ask you to be fully vaccinated.

The Tecla will not ask you to test when coming on board. But, when persons on board develop symptoms related to COVID-19, a self test will be taken.

If a person on board is tested positive, this person will be put in quarantine, in their room. If and when they need to move through the ship, they will be asked to wear a facemask and wash hands before leaving their room. When outside, 1,5m distance shall be maintained.

We will do everything we can, to make sure there is no spread after the test, but we can not guarantee that covid-19 does not come on board, or spread unnoticed. Please make sure your vaccinations are up to date and you are healthy when traveling.

Covid-19 rules per country*

UK: There are no inbound restrictions on people traveling to the UK. 

Spain/Canary Islands: If traveling from a the EU or Schengen affiliated country, you do not need any documentation. When traveling from other countries a certificate of Vaccination, recovery or test must be presented upon arrival. 

Falkland islands: There are no travel restrictions to travel to the Falkland Islands. Upon arrival by ship, we may be required to take a test. This up to the local government. 

Chili: When Flying to Chili one needs a certificate of vaccination or a PCR test tot older then 48 hours. When arriving by boat, this test is not possible, so a certificate of vaccination is needed when sailing to Chili.  If you are sailing with us to Easter Island or flying to Easter island, a test is not sufficient, a vaccination certificate is required.  For Easter Island – a Single Entry Form needs to be filled in before arrival on the island. For more information, please visit 

Tahiti: Starting August 1st 2022, travelers are no longer required to present a certificate of vaccination. 

Hawaii/USA: To travel to the United States of America, one needs to be fully vaccinated, or have an exemption. 

Canada: Fill in a ArriveCAN form online, here you must upload a proof of vaccination. 

Greenland: No travel restrictions. But please make sure you do not travel when infected or feeling sick, as this will weigh heavily on the health system of Greenland. 

Iceland: No travel restrictions. 


The information above was last updated on 12-09-2022. 

*Please make sure to always check travel restrictions for your own country to other countries, we can not know all! The information above may not be complet, you can not derive any rights from the above mentioned information.