Books on board and good to read

Below you will find most of the books we have on board. Of course we are still working on finishing and adding to this list, but this will give you an idea of what you can read while you are on board, or if you still feel you should bring your own books..?!

We are working on a list of descriptions of the books on board. The ones below with a link have been finished, the rest will come later.

1912 The year the world discovered the Antarctic

An Afrikan in Greenland

Een groenlander in Afrika

The other side of the Ice

The Catalpa Expedition

The Argonautica Expedition

Independent People


Ships of the 45′

In the South

Wind in my wings

The lost Mariner

Rob Roy

Hebridean Sharker

The Old ways

True North

Not Forgetting the Whale

Twenty Thousand leagues under the sea

The book of tides

Psychology of sailing

Two years before the mast

Moby Dick

Journey to the center of the earth


Orkney Folktales


Western Isles Folktales

The guga hunters

The Faroe islands

Birds of Iceland

Ice with everything

Triumph and tribulation

The Brendon Voyage

The Sagas of Iceland

Beyond the North Land

The last Explorer

King of the wilderness

Orkney Sagas

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