Brokey, Reykjavik

And so the circle is round. Tecla once again has successfully circumnavigated the America’s. Arriving at Reykjavik we have doubled our track from 2022 when we left for Scotland. What an achievement for a little Dutch Herring drifter. I don’t think her builders ever thought or could have imagined this in 1915! But she has, twice! I personally could never have dreamed of this either. Just two years ago the ship was still on the dry with her sides cut out. Don’t think anyone would have pictured this. But a lot of hard work and boldness go along way! Needs must… as the devil drives.

  We arrived early morning yesterday, on the tale of a gale. When we started this trip, we agreed that if a fair passage would present itself, we would not waist any time lingering around. It was clear when we sailed trough Prince Christian Sund that we would not make the Iceland coast without some strong winds. We managed to avoid the worst of it by gybing early and making enough north before the winds would veer into that quarter. We lay to for some time but then the last band on the mizzen gaff shifted 10cm and the mizzen had to come in. On staysail alone we made good time but also met with the gale of the coast of Iceland. When we sailed into the harbor the first thing people asked where we came from. Even the sturdy Icelanders showed some emotion when we told them of our trip from Greenland. It is funny to see how sailors over the world recognize a good ship. Most give the familiar nod of approval and know words would not do her justice. And so I thank our proud little boat once again for keeping us safe! And letting us enjoy these adventures all over the world! Varied will be his fortune for those who fare far!

All is well Gijs

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