Bye Bye Ireland, another step closer to home.

Bye Bye Ireland, another step closer to home.
We have left Ireland behind us, there is already more then 100 miles between us and Castletownsend. Next step is England. With a nice unexpected South West breeze since this afternoon, we hope to have time to call into the Isles of Scilly, which are only 30 miles from our current position (at 23:45 UTC).

The sailing today has been amazing, we set off with a south south east force 4 and gusting 5 in showers. The weather report said the wind would veer to the south  and then to the south west and decrease. But although it turned in the afternoon, it stayed at a nice force 4 and so far, we have been sailing at an average of 6 to 7 knots. We even had a little bit of sunshine during the afternoon, when the south west wind cleared away the showers and big cumulus clouds.

Although we all liked being in Ireland and enjoyed our time ashore, I do believe everybody is happy to be underway again and into our watches; even though it might just be for one night.

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