Cabo de Hornos,

Yesterday was a Dutch morning. Passing all these Islands that are not to be pronounced in any other languish than Dutch. Evout and Barneveld. Named after members of the Schouten and Le Maire party that named the famous rock at 55’58’5S. They named it after there good ship the Hoorn. It survived many perils in the Atlantic and was now on here way to bring fame and glory to her crew members and country men… Both Schouten (the captain) and Le Maire (financier) did not enjoy this fame. However it did bring a free passage for the Dutch to the East Indies. Little did they know of the status this rock would gain in the centuries to come. Cape Horn on a perfectly calm summers day. The armada had given us permission to land on the Island and get our passports stamped! What a lucky shot! One can only begin to imagine the scene on a typical  “Horn” day…  You would not want to be any where near the place. We headed out through the kelp forest and landed on the little beach. Payed our respects, got the passports stamped and got out of there!

A fog bank was coming in from the east and it brought a little friendly breeze. Up went the sails and of went the engine! Its a strange feeling sailing in the fog. Normally you would not expect to have any wind in these conditions. It was a thin mist for that evening the moon rise was spectacular and shortly after that the fog lifted completely. Hourglass Dolphines lit up by the algae made the morning complete! We have shaped a course for the Drake with a favourable wind. The forecast looks good as does the early morning sunrise. On our way to the lost continent. We could have spent a live time cruising the Chilean fjords (and maybe I will) but we have places to go an penguins to see!

all is well Gijs Sluik

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