Calm behind the breeze: eat when you can sleep when you can

43’43.4N 025’58.6W course 011′ speed 6kn

It was a short but intense frontal passage, not as clear as I had hoped, but intense all the same. During the night the wind had been increasing and so at 8 o’clock we lowered the mainsail with a double watch, so we could stow it away without too much difficulty. With the mainsail down, we were under reeved mizzen, forestaysail and second jib. Wind was around 5 to 6 bf and increasing. Around 10 a shower rolled in and the wind was up to 30 knots gusting 38, so force 7 gusting force 8. This was the hight of the wind, we went completely downwind to ease the pressure on the rigging a little. Around 11:30 we had had the most of it. Gusts started to calm down and the tops were no longer being blown off the waves.
The waves in the meantime had gotten up to 3 meters with the larger ones around 4 meters in hight. At first they were short and steep, but around noon, the they lengthened, which was easier on the ship. The crew held up very well. No seasickness, no tiredness, just big smiles and happy we turned on the heater downstairs.


We were surfing down waves, with dolphins jumping next to the ship, having the best day ever. For us it started to get uncomfortable. The wind eased to 22/24 knots, we had so little sail set, that the waves started to slow us down and they started to crash on deck. So by dinner time we gybed, we needed to gybe anyway, but this gave us a better angle to the waves. At midnight watch handover we set the mainsail again.

And then.. a shower hit us, 24 knots, gusting, we went down wind, heavy on the helm we had to fight a little to get there. The wind shifted and heavy rain was falling, we ran towards the English Channel with 9 knots… And then it was over.. standing in the rain, the sails started flapping, the ship was shaking violently and no course seemed to give us the so longed for stable course with a beautiful small breeze..
And so at 3 o’clock we started the engine, just to have enough wind over the deck to keep the sails up.. Hopefully it will just be the calm behind the shower, if so, we are back sailing within 2 hours!

All is well on board, Jet

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