Canal O’Brien, Patagonia

Canal O’Brien, Patagonia

After our stop in Puerto Williams we set of for our holiday within the holiday. No time like the present so we set of for Puerto Navarino, the old customs port of Isla Navarino. It is a pretty place with an Armada family overlooking the Beagle and more important Murray Canal. 

For us a good place to break the journey to Calletta de Olla, 35 miles further down the Beagle. After a fairytale night at anchor under the southern cross and the milky way we set of early in the morning. No head wind so good progress. We arrive at Callette de Olla and moored the Tecla stern to, with two lines a shore and two shackles on the port side anchor. Greeted by Otters we get the dingy ready to venture a shore. Two beautiful hikes and a fire on the beach finished with a bbq. Not bad at al. 

Eduardo, one of our voyage crew, spent some time here 40 years ago, collecting sea weed samples. He couldn’t recognize the place. He could hardly find his way back, as the number of trees and under growth had increased so much since he was last here! It was great to hear the stories of his times here. And to hear this place has been retaken by nature. 

After breakfast the next morning we set of for Seno Pia, one of the fjords with 3 big glaciers. We arrived with low clouds and rain in the air. By the time we set up the anchor the sky had cleared and the wind had died to a little breeze. Time to explore the tempting peak a shore. A little trail quickly leads us into the thick forest and without it we surely would have lost our bearings. After a good hour we reach the tree line and push on just a little beyond the trail. What a view!! Brilliant!! 

Next morning we have a closer look at the snout of the glacier before we set of to make some more miles to the west. Weather is not looking promising and at 1700 we are stopped by the Willie Wouws shooting into O’Brien Canal. Lucky for us there are plenty anchorages around and we soon find one that suits us. Lagunes is home for the evening. Well tucked away from the forces of nature we enjoy the spectacle preformed in the canal. At 0200 a sigh of relieve sounds trough the atmosphere as the wind fades away as quickly as it came. I fall hard a sleep and only wake to the sound of the birds. What a live.

*These pictures are of previous voyages.

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