Cape Horn


After some considerable delay in landing a permit we finally made it to the famous rock at the southrn most tip of the Americas, Cape Horn! Some six month ago I was at the nothrn most limit looking down at the adventures and friends in the south. Now the eye is on the weather. Although the landing was very doable, the winds are far from settled. Weather forecasts are a comfort to a fool in these regions. Caleta Leon is mentioned as an anchorage in the pilot. Not for us. With the winds coming from al directions I decided to hove to of the Horn while the crew is out exploring the Island for a couple of hours. The Woolston Islands them self’s are a great cruising area in the right conditions. Lots of history here. Both Indian and later explores used the shelter of its anchorages. Herschel Island was named by Fitzroy after the famous astronomer. A small cape on the north coast bears the name Ross after James Clark. Now a day it is close to impossible to get a permit to cruise the area. As the crew is back on board we set a reefed mainsail, stay sail and a number two jib. We have no time to cruise these grounds we are bound for Antarctica. So strait in to the Drake with a favorable forecast… for what it is worth…

Thank you Chili for a wonderful time! Hope to see you again next year!

All is well Gijs

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