Caravelas and her beauties

Caravelas and her beauties

The Tecla has finished her last trip in Brazil in Caravelas instead of in Recife. The Northerly wind and the South running current where just too much. Although we had 3 amazing sailing days when the South to South East wind finally arrived, it did not take us up more than a few hundred miles.

So here we are at the best and only place you should go to if you want to visit the Abrolhos, the island we visited just 3 days ago. The Abrolhos islands are amazing. Not only are they a bird sanctuary, but just a few miles past the islands is one of the world’s best diving places, the reef!

We did not bring any diving gear with us, but the description we got from the nature reserve lady that showed us around on Santa Barbara was amazing.

We set our voyage crew on land in Caravelas on Wednesday and they took a taxi and a plane to Recife. The sudden silence on board is eased a little by the locals who drop by at any given hour of the day. We have made friends with the local diving school, who explained to us in Portuguese, so excuse me if I am mistaken, that the reef of the Abrolhos comes from 20 meters deep and the biggest column that has formed is about 50 meters wide on the top, a very impressive dive if you look up from down below.

Caravelas is situated on a river and is a small fishing community. It seems a small community, but it is the bigger town for all the smaller settlements around. Especially when the schools are out, there is the world of activities! On the street corners there are vendors who sell meat on a sticky, there are small shops open who sell everything between sodas and washing liquid and everybody walks in the middle of the street, cars blow their horn, bikes ring their bell and people talk in load voices – what a life! This really is Brazil!

On board we are busy getting ready for the next Atlantic crossing. We have a new crew member joining us on Sunday or Monday – one that has not yet crossed the equator.. So we have a nice party in store for him!