Caribou in sloping valley and then back into the ice

Caribou in sloping valley and then back into the ice We took a well deserved break yesterday afternoon. With little ice along the edge, we made our way past Tasmania islands, saw the amount of ice out at sea, so stuck to the coast until we made our way to Weld Harbour. Which is not really a harbour, more a bay or inlet. As we made our way in we could see a group of caribou eating away at some small pieces of grass or moss at the bottom of the bay, which was the beginning of low sloping hills. The hills looked like loose sand, but upon inspection, they turned out to be rocks. The expedition crew went ashore for a hike and found caribou life signs and presumably also of the musk oxen.

At night we had a drink on deck, as the sun was out and we had a record temperature on deck in the sun of 19,9! What a lovely night it was! After roast chicken dinner, most went to bed early. Next day we set off again. It started with some ice, but along the coast it was very doable! Then we hit some multiple year ice and before night had fallen we were surrounded and had little room to maneuver our way through. It is now half past 1 at night on board and we are still making our way through the fog towards point edwards. Short message tonight, as we are very busy outside!

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