7-12 00:20 board time

We have left Easter Island behind us and are bound for Cape Horn. We left on a perfectly sunny, pacific...



We are eager to make the boat move as well as possible. Trimming the sails and bringing the art of helming down to perfection! As gracefully as the Sooty Shearwater, the little Tecla glides with out moving her wings. She seems to know the way for she does not need much encouragement! Time is spent telling stories of travels far and wi

..and then there was land!

The spot we were anchored in was only a couple of cables of the surf break! Although I did not find any place to stowe my boards this spring it was awesome to watch these people go at it. O'Neill the man who invented the wet suit lived only a few miles away from here.

The number two

The pour mutilated number two spent most of our world trip shamefully folded away on deck. It was not until Freemantle, Australia when she came back to live. Some of her creme pannels had to be replaced with some white ones. She bares her scares well, and is ever so eager.

Take the in shore passage…

The good thing is the winds are likely to be from the west... This is what our fisherman was worried about, and that is why he always took the inshore passage. Of course I had considered this, but it puts a lot of miles to the already long trip.

No dog watch, but bird watch

Tuesday 24-9-2019 55’29N 168’08W COG 160 SOG 8.5 kn Wind West 20kn  Fork tailed Storm Petrels, Sooty Petrels,  Short tailed...

Back home

We made it. We made it through the North West Passage. We made it from Ilulissat, Greenland to Nome, Alaska....

Marine plastics in the Canadian Arctic waters

When signing up for the NWP trip of Tecla, I decided to conduct some beach observations using the OSPAR beach litter classification scheme as guideline. I did not follow their strict instruction to square off a 100m or 1 km section

With a raging speed we sped out through the Chukchi Sea!

We first have to watch the Northern Light show in peace, watch the full moon set for another hour or so and try and spot the whales we keep hearing around us. Some even as close as 50 meters from the ship. We can not make out what sort they are, we hear their spout and then see a glimpse of their back if we are looking in the right direction.. but can not tell whether something is a dorsal vin or small wave.. it is just too dark for that..

Herschel Island, Yukon, on the Canadian north shore near the Alaskan border by Steven Luitjens

This island of about 100 km2, roughly 10 by 10 km, is the only one along an otherwise relatively straight coastline between the Mackenzie delta to the east and well into Alaska to the west.