Humans of Tecla

In 15 years of sailing the Tecla we have met some pretty awesome people. We have sailed with some of.

South Georgia at last

For many years I wanted to visit South Georgia. It did not disappoint! We had trained ourselves for the bio.

Not just beanies…

Not just beanies…

The last years we have been knitting beanies which you can buy on board the Tecla. They are full wool,.

On our way to South Georgia,

When we left the South Shetland Islands 5 days ago we headed north to pick up our rat traps for.

Yellow Brick offline due to battery failure

Yellow Brick offline due to battery failure

The Tecla Yellow Brick is currently not sending any positions through, due to an empty battery that does not charge..

Speedy Drake

We took Murray harbour as a short cut. Enki had christened the surveyed part “Tecla harbour”. Infect Enki and Will had sounded the place out on our last trip

Cabo de Hornos,

We headed out through the kelp forest and landed on the little beach. Payed our respects, got the passports stamped and got out of there! A fog bank was coming in from the east and it brought a little friendly breeze. Up went the sails and of went the engine! Its

Beagle Channel

Next morning the alarm went at 0330. Anchor up and out in to Canal the Balereno. Canal is an indication in Spanish for a safe passage between the many islands. It is by no means a dug out fair way! The depth is mostly more than 200mtrs all though not always very wide. The scenery is of the best! High mountains with snow on the tops. Green forest at the foot. And many, many possible anchorages... After Balenero comes Canal O'Brian. To bad we have to make the miles otherwise we could have spent a week exploring the waters between Polux and O'Brian Island. We call in at Alcomar Timbales, the first sign of civilisation. There are many Alcomar's along our route. They are call in points with the armada. One family is stationed at these lighthouses for one year and is responsible for its care and the traffic that passes. We are in Glacier ally now. Brazo Noroeste is a deep and clear fjord. High mountains, dark evergreen forest and snowy peaks dominate both shores. The Caldera Darwin towers to the north with summits of over 2000 mtr. Plenty to see!!! Glacier after glacier pass by. Steamer ducks passing infront at to the scale,

Table Mountain in Cape Town

12 reasons to set sail from Cape Town to the Azores

Have you seen the amazing pictures on our Facebook and website and thought, NOOOO I missed out! Well I (Jet).

Beagle Channel

After 3 weeks navigating, finally we are in Chilean waters. Everybody is happy to see some green colours around, and.