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Making our way along a coast with a beautiful and also horrific history

Further along the coast we will find a bay called starvation cove, not without reason. For this is the place the last of the Franklin expedition members perished.

M’Clure was the first man to sail the NWP… Not M’Clintock.

The first recorded voyage insearch of such a passage was madde by John an Sabastian Cabot at the end of the 15th century. After that many of such expeditions

Caribou in sloping valley and then back into the ice

t night we had a drink on deck, as the sun was out and we had a record temperature on deck in the sun of 19,9! What a lovely night it was! After roast chicken dinner, most went to bed early

When the ice takes over the world

Would you like to be right smack in the middle, or skirting along the edges.. well, we know now! We...

Ice on our mind

We are trying to spot the way through by going up high into the mast, but for now the ice seems to be all around. We had all expected it to start at some

Exploring Beechey Island

Yesterday the day was spend exploring Beechey Island. We shifted anchorage as the wind had increased and made landing with...

Some impressions from the guest crew on the North West Passage journey.

The island has a main mountain range at the eastern and northern sides, a large glaciated interior, and on the southeastern side a gradually rising plain with some vegetation, which is used by caribou.

Sea Ice

the last known stop of the Franklin expedition before they disappeared into history. A few graves and some new memorials remain on sight.

Mirages of ice and land

something strange going on with the horizon. It seems like a band of fog or different colour sky is in between the horizon and the water. And in this band, things seem to be floating

Cleared in and ready to go

so many different stories and experiences it was very nice to listen to. Some had spoken to the locals and told stories of the history of the Inuit’s here. Other know more about the bio diversity and told us of footprints of a polar bear spotted ju