Celebrating freedom out on the fast ocean

Celebrating freedom out on the fast ocean
On the 5th of May 1945 the Netherlands were liberated from their oppressors and on the 5th of May 2014 we celebrate that we are still free people. Everywhere in the Netherlands there will be Liberation (bevrijdings festival) festivals, with big Dutch bands playing live music on huge stages and the parks filled with people, hopefully with a spring sun shining. Out here on the ocean we celebrated our freedom as well, we might not have a big stage with a live band playing, but we had front row seats to the widest view over the ocean. What do you mean, freedom!

In the afternoon we set all the sails and so when we lit our BBQ this evening, we did so with no other sound then the water rushing by and a gentle breeze in the rigging. When the BBQ was ready, the tuna steaks were grilled shortly on both sides and as the sun was setting, we had an amazing dinner outside. Too bad that by the end of our dinner it started drizzling (shortly before, the drizzle cloud had been a beautiful addition to our sunset) and the wind died out. We ate the last of the tuna steaks and started the engine again. Too bad, but the waves are still there and they are still rocking us heavily.

Now still under engine, with not the slightest little breeze… but still the waves. We have 363 miles to go to the Azores, 32 days underway… so, will this become our longest leg in our world circumnavigation?

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