Changing winds and amazing views

73’16.1N 075’05.5W course 112′ speed 5,5kn
Changing winds and amazing views
Today has been all about sail handling and our surroundings. The wind has been changing between 1 or 2bf and 5 or 6 bf. We have had the mainsail up and down three times, the jib up and down three times and the forestaysail and mizzen two time. First for lack of wind and a lot of flogging. Now because of stronger winds and keeping us easy to handle in the waves and between ice bergs.

Icebergs are also part of our daily routine. During the dark hours, so now, we have an ice watch on the front and a close eye on the radar. During the day they are a feature to help steer by. We have been making our way out of Lancaster sound with an amazing view on Baffin Island, Bylot island and Devon island. Devon Island was visible at 60 miles distance, as if it were a shore we were sailing past close by. So high and so impressive with the permanent ice on top, it looked amazing. Baffin island is different in contours, lots of glacier mouths, lots of snow and so much to look at, same goes for Bylot island, stunning! Video Baffin Bay 2019 by Simon Damant:

We passed Navy Board inlet in the dark, which was too bad as we were expecting some wild life spotting there. We saw a lot of seals, birds and even narwhal there in 2019. But not this time, this time we had a sunrise that took 4 hours which was casting a shade on Navy board inlet. The sunrise was nice though!

Video Simon Damant NWP2019,

We have made our way out of Canadian waters, we are now 25 miles from the Canadian shoreline, so next stop will be Greenland. This wind will carry us another 12 hours, then we get lighter winds. Hopefully with a sunny day like we had the day before. The temperature has been steady around 4 to 6 degrees, not as cold as we have had it some days ago. So everybody who comes outside goes, “Oh thats quite comfortable!”, especially when the sun is out. Then the sun deck is open and our watch gets ‘visitors’, crew from other watches who come to enjoy some sun rays and some good conversations.

All is well on board, Jet

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