71’55.0N 069’05.3W course 150′ speed 7,1kn

Last night winds decreased during our watch to a point where we were able to set the number two jib and at watch handover we were with enough people to set the mainsail as well. The sea state had gotten to at least 3 meter waves running from behind, but with the wind slacking, the waves soon followed. As we came up for the afternoon watch, all seemed to be a different world. No strong wind, hardly any waves, just easy sailing. By 14:00h we had unreefed the main and mizzen and were up to 7 knots.
Sadly the wind left us all together. So by dinner time, the mainsail was down and the engine was on.

Big icebergs are floating around still. During our voyage to South Georgia and Antarctica at the beginning of this year, our expedition crew was comparing the size of the bergs to cities. So some of the bergs were Vatican city size for example. Our voyage crew now has come up with a different scale sort. So chonk chonk would be a small berg, a berg would be a chonk, a bigger berg would be a chonkster and a really really big berg would be a mega chonk! I guess we have seen mostly chonksters and some chonk chonks, the closer we get to Greenland, the bigger the chances are we get to see the Mega Chonk! (chonk is pronounced like chunck, but this apparently is the millennial way to spell it)

Photo: A serious unit, but certainly not the huge like a chonkster and definitely not the biggest Mega Chonk.

But Greenland will have to wait a little longer, we are making our way South along the Canadian coast as we are expecting winds to return from the South. That would mean we can set sail again and make due East if we need to, to get to Disco Bay. And as we wait for the winds to return, we also wait for the Northern Lights to appear. This evening a faint green has been spotted on the horizon. But this was due South, which confused most of us a little. Polaris is on our portside aft, so we were expecting the lights to start there as well.. but not this time. My Aurora app has not had any internet since Dutch Harbor, so I have no updates on the current Aurora activity, but it seems it is getting dark enough for it!

All is well on board, Jet

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