Circumnavigation sweaters and t shirts

Today Sam and I will set off with a truck load full with Tecla stuff! A truck that will carry new anchors, a spare pump, spare plates and cutlery AND our new sweaters and t-shirt in honor of our up coming circumnavigation. 

The Tecla set off from the Netherlands after months of working hard to get as much work done as humanly possible and get as many new gadgets on board as we possibly could. In all our hurry and work, we totally forgot to finalize our order of new clothing. 

In the last weeks of winter Eva made this amazing new logo for our circumnavigation, honoring some of the best places we will visit and outlining our 18 months voyage. With this amazing logo in hand we have now made a true circumnavigation clothing line, a sweater, t-shirt and bag to take it all home in. All these items will soon be on board and for sale, along with our standard black or white t shirt (we have a women’s v neck as well as a regular fit t-shirt) and our beanies, which are hand make by Tecla crew from Icelandic, Faroe, Shetland or Scottish wool. 

Try them on on board!! or order them online

The sweaters and shirts range between XS to XXL and can be tried on, on board. If you would like to order them, because you will not be on board for sometime, there will be an extra cost for sending the package your way. The costs range between €4,50 in the Netherlands and up to €29 to Australia. 

The sweater is a hoody, dark grey with a light grey inside. On the front it says Tecla Crew, on the back the new logo is printed in white. The new t-shirt is kaki colored with white print on it. On the front is Tecla Crew and the logo is on the back. The bag is linnen with grey green logo, nothing else added. 

Of course we recommend you buy the shirts on board, most of our stock will be there anyway. And there you can try them out. 

Would you like to order one of our gadgets?!


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