Cleared in and ready to go

Yesterday the customs took about 1,5 hours, but at the end we were cleared in, stamped in and had a permit to carry our shotgun throughout the Northern Territories, Nanuvut. The morning was spend taking out our diesel canisters, filling the tanks and refilling the canisters with diesel on shore and dinghying the canisters back to the Tecla. After that, everybody went off to explore Pond Inlet and the surroundings. Last night, with the whole crew back on board for dinner, there were so many different stories and experiences it was very nice to listen to. Some had spoken to the locals and told stories of the history of the Inuit’s here. Other know more about the bio diversity and told us of footprints of a polar bear spotted just outside Pond Inlet at a creek.

At anchor we did not spot any wild life except for some birds. The Loon – the northern diver – was spotted around the ship and a few very big Glaucous Gulls. On shore we have a good view on a pack of sled dogs with puppies. They provide endless entertainment and remind me of our pack of four springer spaniels at home. Sled dogs, like huskies are very talkative, they howl, make strange throat noises and bark at each other. And around food time, it gets very noisy here.

Simon taking pictures

The weather so far has been amazing. Not a lot of wind but a lot of sunshine. Yesterday some of us were walking around in T-shirts and on shore the locals were wearing shorts! Apparently we are about to have a heat record in Pond Inlet, getting up to 17 degrees in the shade. The eclipse sound and Pond Inlet are still free of any ice, so when we set off we will make our way through Navy Board Inlet on the West side of Bylot Island and make for Beechey Island, some 300 miles away from here. As we get to Lancaster Sound we expect there will be a nice breeze. Until that time, we will just have to enjoy the scenery and try to spot a Narwhal again!

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