Close hauled under neath the stars

69’30.8N 055’57.0W course 090′ speed 4,7kn

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Right now we are making our way to an anchorage in Diskofjord, some 35 miles from where we are. Outside it is cold, the wind chill is real and persistent. I am wearing my thermal under layer, then Icelandic wool sweater and on top, the best thing, 800grams down jacket! As pants I am wearing a thermal, then Grettens fleece pants and then some old sailing trousers, oversized, but wind tight. I can hardly feel the cold, the jacket is amazing. With my buff made of alpaca wool (thank you Benja) I can do without putting my hood up, the only thing telling me that is very cold are my hands as I am trying the make a picture of the Northern Lights. Within a minute they hurt as the wind bites down on them. Best just enjoy the view of the lights, the bright moon and the stars, and keep my hands in my pockets!

We are sailing close hauled. A game between the Tecla and the wind. We come up 10 degrees, slow down and bear off again to gain some speed, then we come up to the wind again and see that this way we make it into Greenland waters and our safe anchorage. Its fun, keeping us on our toes. The wind is supposed to turn a little more making our course to the anchorage impossible. Right now the idea of tacking is not appealing, that would mean having my hands outside my pockets and without gloves for more then just a minute… Although keeping us warm with all the activity might be nice! But for now, we are making it without tacking, 32 miles to go.

Photo: Little auk.

Last night after writing the logbook entry the wind started picking up around 03:30, we set the jib and forestaysail with one watch and the mizzen and mainsail with the next watch. We were sailing on a beam reach at 06:15 doing 7 knots! All day we had a beautiful breeze, starting to back from South West to South and now to South South East.
There are some icebergs around, so we have an icewatch on the front. The sunrise is getting later and later, so we will be in the dark for a few more hours it seems. This may be our last night watch for this voyage as the next few days we can spend cruising along the Greenland coast. So better enjoy it while it lasts!

All is well on board, Jet

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