Conversion zone 

13-2-2023, 1730, 58’25S 062’53W, course 145, speed 8kn

Sun and rain and sun and rain and a little bit of wind. At 1200 we finally turned on the engine. The last puffs died away and left us rolling and waving the wind good bye. During the previous evening we made an attempt to set the topsails. They were all done and ready to go up when a rain squall came in with just a touch to much wind. All for the better as we sped off with a respectable 8,5 kn. This was not to last and at 0500 we finally decided to gybe. A breath of relieve sounded through the ship as we glided along on the westerly swell. Not directly on course but close enough… All good things must come to an end. Forecast gives strong southerlies for the day after tomorrow, so we want to be close to the South Shetland’s when that happens. It is an exciting stage we are in now. Closing in on the Conversion zone and ready to start spotting icebergs! We can’t wait! For now, the water temp is still 7 degrees and the air around 10. That will change soon, like all things do in the Drake Passage!


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  • Greetings from New Zealand!
    It’s wonderful to follow these posts, especially as one of our crew from Halo, Eduardo Villouta, is sailing with you on this voyage.
    ‘¡Feliz viaje Eduardo!’

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