Corona and flight update on Tecla sailing area

Corona and flight update on Tecla sailing area

The sailing area we have planned to visit with the Tecla in 2022 and 2023, is one with many small communities, far away from medical care. These areas have been closed for tourists for a long time due to the Covid-19 pandemic. BUT! Recently borders have opened and restrictions have been lifted. 

Here are the most recent developments:

Greenland has opened its borders and lifted all covid-19 measures since the middle of May. 

Easter Island will open its borders starting the 1st of August. Airlines will be welcome again and a regular flight service will recommence. The Tecla will visit Easter Island in March 2023, by then traveling to and from Easter Island should be back to what it was before the Corona pandemic. For now, Easter Island asks all visitor to have an up to date Covid-19 vaccination and possibly wear face masks. 

The Falkland Islands have lifted all restrictions to entering starting the 4th of May. For now there is only one flight connecting to the Tecla voyage, that can be found to the Falkland Islands and it arrives on the 10th of December. Flying from Chili to RAF Mount Pleasant on the Falklands. The voyage of the Tecla will start on the 9th in the evening. For those traveling with this airplane, we will await your arrival on board in the morning of the 10th. We do believe more flights may be added in time, usually flights were available every Saturday. 

In addition to this one of our expedition members added:

LATAM has restarted their flights to Stanley from Punta Arenas. There’ve been Facebook and Twitter posts about flights arriving. Getting a ticket though for now is a bit messy, it doesn’t seem to work via the official LATAM Airlines website but through But it’s likely that later during the year it will become easier to book these.

Domestic flights in Chili are easy and plenty, and should anybody ask about staying overnight in Santiago, the best area is around Calle José Victorino Lastarria a lovely relaxed fun place.

If one needs/chooses to spend a day in Punta Arenas, the Maritime Museum is a great place, loads about the Shackleton rescue operation (lead by a Chilean captain who became sort of a national hero there).

I’m about to email for a quote from RAF for the flight mentioned on your page and it just crossed my mind that some fellow passengers on the SG-Antarctica trip might be happy to share travel and preparation info between each other either in a Facebook group or via email, anything.

If you would like to digitally meet some of your fellow expedition members? Please become a member on our facebook page, where expedition members can share information and find each other before the expedition starts!

For many of the small islands in Polynesia, a requirement of a full vaccination program is asked, as taking a PCR test on board, before entering Polynesia, is not possible. For traveling the world and especially to these small communities without adequate health care, we would like to ask our expedition crew to make sure they are fully vaccinated. 

Already in March, the Northwest Territories have opened their borders. With, at that time, 82% of the population of the Northwest Territories vaccinated, there are no restrictions in place. 

Flying to the Canary Islands is possible if fully vaccinated, or with a negative PCR Test. But entering via sea, only proof of full vaccination will be enough. 

What does fully vaccinated mean for most countries? On the website for visiting Tahiti it is stated thus: “Important: When the traveler is over 18 years old, in order for the vaccination schedule to be recognized as complete beyond 9 months, he must have received an additional dose (booster). In other words, when a traveler has completed a full vaccination (1 dose Janssen or 2 doses Pfizer / Moderna / Astrazeneca ), he will have to receive a booster shot before traveling to French Polynesia if his last dose is 9 months old or more. Only a booster is required, it is not needed to redo a complete vaccination process even if this 9 months deadline is exceeded.” 

 We are really looking forward to setting sail again. Shaking off the dust, getting ready to explore. That all our destinations are open to visits again, is a huge relieve. We hope you are as excited as we are to get out there! 

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