The Tecla crew consists of three or four permanent professional sailors. This crew is partially made up of the family and completed with some dedicated sailors that we have met around the world.

The crew give their heart and live to sailing the Tecla and can show all the tricks of trimming the sail to the fullest and teach anybody how to bake some amazing homemade bread.

The office of the Tecla is also run by the family. So when ever you send an email or pick up the phone, one of them is ready to give you the answer you are looking for.


Jan is the owner, captain and mechanic of the Tecla. Jan has sailed and owned vessels from an early age on. Rebuilding and repairing traditional beauties is in his blood, he used to work on old timers together with his dad. The actual sailing was done together with is nephew (Tecla’s current Sail Maker) and
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jannette sailing the tecla


Jannette, co-owner and manager of the Tecla. She started sailing after she met Jan the. Together they bought an old Dutch vessel, the “Aagtje”, restored and refitted her and gave her,  her old profession back, sailing. For more than 10 years they sailed together on the Ijsselmeer and Waddenzee. After a short adventure with  the
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Gijs is one of the captains of the Tecla. Gijs started sailing when he was a young boy. Professionally he started sailing in 2001 as deckhand on the Aagtje, Eenhoorn and later Stad Amsterdam. He worked on the Stad Amsterdam as deckhand, quartermaster and third mate over a period of 3 years. After that his
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jet sluik sailing on the Tecla


Jet, Captain and PR. Jet started sailing professionally in 2005. Before that she spend many weeks a year sailing with her parents. Sitting next to Jan steering, was the best spot on board. After getting her bachelor degree in Communication, Jet worked in the office of Amnesty International for 2 years. But could not resist
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The dogs

The Tecla had 3 ships dogs. Nyske came to a right old age of 15 years old and has sailed on the Tecla between 2006 and 2010, but in 2014 she passed away. In 2009 she crossed the Atlantic with us during the Trans-Atlantic Challenge. In 2008 she won a price during the regatta to
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Loes, flexible crew Loes has been part of the flexible crew for many years, she was there at the start as the girlfriend of Gijs and now has her seafaring papers as watch leader. Loes started sailing long before she met Gijs or the Tecla on small boats on the Friesian lakes. She is very
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