Crossing 50’South – a true Cape Horn rounding

Crossing 50’South – a true Cape Horn rounding
We made it! Today we crossed
the 50 degrees South on the other side of Cape Horn. Now it really is a true
Cape Horn rounding! The weather was being nice for a change, so we had a nice
breeze, some sun even and a moderate sea. We crossed at 11:30 BT and then gybed
to go south and head for the Falkland Islands.

Another 100 miles to go to Stanley – with decreasing winds, this will probably take the biggest part of
24 hours.

Right now the wind is still strong and coming from the South.
We even had a bit of close hauled sailing just after dinner. Everybody was
amazed. The sounds changed, the feeling changed. The jib halyard started humming
and buzzing due to the strong wind, so somebody asked ‘What ís that sound!’ –
its the jibs jibberish! Normal for a close hauled strong wind run, but we have
hardly sailed close hauled for the last 40 days!

The wake up this night
at 23:40 told the oncoming watch it was cold, really cold! And it was. Although
we have had worse nights, this night is definitely on top of the list of cold
nights! Hopefully the sun will come out today and warm us all up again. We saw a
few sun beams through the clouds as the sun rose this morning.. but showers have
already drifted in again. We had to take down the mainsail at 02:00 BT due to
the wind in the showers. So now we are underway with 7 knots, on just the mizzen
with 2 reefs, the forestaysail and the storm jib. We will wait for those
decreasing winds before we put the mainsail back up again.

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