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Cruise in Company 2014

Fredrikstad – Bergen

As part of the Tall Ships Races 2014 a cruise has been organised along the South coast of Norway. The Sail Training International (STI) has made several stops along the way available for Tall Ships to moor alongside, but of course the best way to explore the amazing fjords of Norway, might be at anchor!

The cruise will start in Fredrikstad, once on board you will be able to enjoy the last day of the festival with the spectacular sail out on the 15th of July. When we leave, we will set sail for at least a day, a night and another day. Our next planned stop will be Kristiansand, 120 miles further. Kristiansand itself has been host to the Tall Ships Races, so a small party and gathering here, can be expected. Next day we sail for a short day and visit a small anchorage, or Mandal. Because of the size and manoeuvrability of the Tecla, she can get into this smaller harbour, for a nice stay along her city quay. From there we go on with another day, night and day sail to Skudeneshavn. An old fishing harbour with coloured wooden houses and small streets to get lost in. If we leave a little later next day, it is not a problem, plenty of anchorages along the way.

Possibilities are Ytraland (anchorage), Moelstrevaag (anchorage), Leirvik (harbour) and many small anchorages around the fjord of Bergen. It is not only a cruise, it is also the company that is important. Other Tall Ships will be underway from Fredrikstad as well and being together, always brings a party along. This way you will get the chance to meet other trainees, chare stories and have a good look at the rest of the fleet.

The proposed schedule depends on weather and wind. If we have strong winds against us, we will have to change our plans. Also if some of the Norwegian Tall Ships have good suggestions, we might be persuaded to join them, to explore and cruise together. We will arrive in Bergen on the 23rd/24th of July and participate in the harbour activities there. There will be shore based activities for all training crew members, including a crew party on the last day.

  • Fredrikstad – Bergen

  • 14-07 // 26-07

  • 13 days, 8 days at sea

  • All ages, all nationalities

  • Possible stops: Kristiansand, Mandal, Skudeneshavn, Ytrastad, Moelstrevaag, Leirvik, Bergen

  • Price 15-25 years: €1000

  • Price 25+ years: €1350

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