Day 1, Port Stanley

Falkland Islands – Port Stanley

Our crew is complete, our last addition flew in last night after having their plane diverted to Argentina with radar problems. Today we have one more big job to do on deck and then we will be off. This may be tonight or early in the morning.

Today is Sunday, the day after the football match, no cruise ships in and one boat to unload. So all is quiet on the island. Our crew is comparing notes after having been on the Falklands for the past 6 days and all having different accommodation and itineraries. Some have stayed among a penguin colony, others have roamed around Stanley and done excursions to some of the best spots on the islands. Kidney cove, Volunteerpoint, Gypsy cove and the Rose Bar have been highly recommended!

In the next few days we hope to explore some more of the Falkland Islands. Hopefully make it to Saunders Island and maybe to Westpoint for some hikes and penguin colonies! After that we are off to South Georgia.

New photo’s coming up soon

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