Day 16, Noronha Island

02’34.6S 032’51.6W
3.1 kn course 072

Tacking against the current
We have been Making our way South West at a nice steady pace, keeping the sails full, pointing as high a we thought we could with the waves and keeping some speed. We knew we were going to have to tack at some point, it was just a matter of where and with what wind. We figured, steering 210 on the compass, doing 215 over the ground, we could count on at least a 090 course on the other tack. So, we postponed the tack until the evening watch hand-over, just before our Sunday beer and Sunday roast.
The tack went well and in one go, which was not certain with the short steep waves we are experiencing! Marit was steering, gaining speed first, then turning hard to port. I released the jib and we started to turn. We pulled in the mizzen sheet so it would be filled as long as possible turning the Tecla into the wind. The waves were horrible, they stop us dead in the water, rudder to the center. The jib was still flapping and only the forestaysail had some wind in it pushing the head. Rudder hard to starboard as we were drifting backward and there she went! Jib to the other side, Sanne working magic on the winch! The main came over, backstay out, backstay in, change the topping-lift and forestaysail to the other side. Rudder to the middle and gaining speed! What a magic moment! Looking at the compass we exceeded our expectations! a course of 110′ was possible! Whoehoe! I went to the chart plotter, where I could not believe my eyes… a course of 045′ over the ground.. what?! As we gained some speed, the course went to 060′ but nowhere close enough to the 090′ we were hoping for..

We have found our little equatorial current that comes up a little going North East. Ah well… just our luck for the day.

During the night the course has become a little better, but we just have to take this beat and do better on the other tack! First clear the Fernando do Noronha Island!

Other than that, we are having great weather, wind is between a force 4 and 5 bf. We have had some small showers come by, but nothing big. Temperatures are still very high and when the sun is out, it gets hot straight away! Nights are cooler, but very dark as the moon is just starting to show its face and so it’s just as and a starlit sky!

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