Day 17, and tack again

02’26.4S 031’30.8 W
7,5 kn course 200′

Making a run for it
We tacked again at midnight this night and are heading South once again! That feels good! Making a run past Fernando do Noronha. If we make it and can keep up the speed, a short stop in Brazil may be possible! If we can keep up the pace, we are heading for an area close to Rio de Janeiro, called Angra dos Reis, where we hope to clear in. And then we head for Ilha Grande. A place we have so many fond memories off, of our stay in 2013 and 2014! A few nights rest, some fresh fruits and vegetables and we will be off again, heading further South. BUT this will only be possible if we can keep our speed up!

On board all is well. Everybody has settled into the daily routine. Eat, sleep, work and repeat, 6 hours watch, watch handover with a story and off to bed. This afternoon we were finally able to fold the old mainsail into a slightly smaller package and store it away for the next few weeks. We needed all hands to do this as space is limited and our sails are heavy!

Other then that, we have little news. We may have spotted a new booby, a masked booby, very white and black compared to the yellowish colour and the grey of the red footed booby. Right now, in the dark night, we have a group of 8 boobies gliding along with us, I suspect they are the red footed ones. But, our quartet is nearly complete! Brown booby, red footed booby

tecla expeditions
expedition into the jungle

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