Day 18, reefs out

04’28.8S 032’11.9W
6,7 kn course 183′
Passing Fernando do Noronha
Today was all about sailing close hauled and making it around the islands of Fernando do Noronha. We are not stopping over, we have other plans, but as we were passing the islands, and saw the sun set behind them, we felt a little strange to pass these very interesting looking cliffs!

Early in the morning we shook out our reefs. In the afternoon we trimmed the sails to perfection, flattening out bellies and creases, pulling out foot outhaul’s, getting a handy billy on the mizzen throat halliard and untangling the jigger on the fore staysail, so as to be able to better tension on the front of the sail. We had a lot of fun running around, light winds backing slightly, so with every hour we could come up a degree and thus make our way past the islands, without problem!
Around sunset, 19:00 board time, we were clear of the islands, running at ease with a 6 knot speed.

Now we make our way South, still on a close hauled run, but without having to mind the course too much. She is easy on the helm any way as the trim does all the work.

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