Day 20, dolphins and spermwhale

09’33.1S 032’14.7W
7,1 kn course 155′

When birds hitching rides is the most exciting thing of the watch
Other then amazing sailing all day long, we are having some uneventful watches. Not that there is anything wrong with that! Its amazing! The calm that has come over the ship, the daily routine and the great blue fastness to stare out at, are something one could get used to. And they were not completely uneventful, there is a bird hitching a ride with us. Most likely a red footed booby has been camping on board the Tecla for the last two nights. Yesterday he found the peak halliard of the mizzen the best spot. Today he is camping out on the bow stay on port side.

We have also seen what we think was a spermwhale during the day. Big spouts, strangely shaped dorsal fin and no jumping around. It looked very big though! And a pod of dolphins showed up this afternoon and played at the bow for a half hour or so. After they left we changed from the number two jib, to the number one as the winds have gone light. And after that we did a fire and abandon ship drill.
So actually a lot happened.
Then why does it feel uneventful? Maybe because the rest of the day is so calm. The watches do their thing and when we are not busy, we can read a book, one is working on a embroidery, others are stringing together wristbands. And all the while the Tecla is heading South in a stead pace, with beautiful weather and a fine trade wind breeze.

Dolphins at the bow

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  • mijke van rijn
    1 year ago

    Sounds really relaxing. keep on going, Mijke

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