Day 21, a breeze

12’26.3S 031’14.2W
7,3 kn course 157′

Unexpected beautiful breeze
During last night and early morning, the wind slowly increased. Although our weather report said winds were going to decrease to 10 knots, we were all of a sudden hurling along with 8,5 knots. The big jib was still up.. so we altered course to get the wind from a slightly more aft angle and plotted on. At watch hand over we changed the big jib to the second jib, and still we were doing 8 knots.
Then at watch hand over at 12, we reefed the mainsail.. and with just the watch on watch we reefed the mizzen two hours later. Winds were up to 18, possibly 20 knots, so we were still doing 8 knots in the right direction! What an nice surprise, we were thinking we may be bobbing along with 4 knots during the day, but this bit of sailing just raised our average speed!

Today is the third week we are underway. We left Saturday the 15th of October from Tenerife, according to our log, we sailed 2840 miles since departure. That would put our average around the 5,5 knots. Not bad at all! But we like our current speed a little better!

Wind is slowly decreasing now. But the reefs stay in. Weather has been changing. We have big cumulus clouds around us, some with lower ridges that are dark, and as it is night when I write this, the general darkness around makes that look even more impressive.

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  • Bram van der Have
    1 year ago


    We read the logbook with interest. From this logbook I understand you were given a nautical name when you crossed the equator. Can you tell us please. We would like to know this for a little game at the forthcoming WP Christmas party! The WP has a nice Christmas card with Blue Mermaid on it. If you bring an appropriate image back that could feature! Good sailing, Bram

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