Day 22, a competition!

14’55.4S 030’17.9W
7,2 kn course 170′

Rattling the Ratlines
Today we had it all, slight drizzle, bright sunlight, wind, no wind, small waves, big swell, cross sea and more. A moving ship does not make the work on board go any easier or faster. We have been working on new ratlines on the port side, for mast inspection etc. But hanging on, while the ship is stirring below you, is not easy! And the sea state became some what confused during the day, making working aloft feel more like a carnival ride!

We have been able to send one or two pictures per day to the office through our iridium mail. To make the choice, which picture to send a little easier, we have started a photo competition. One picture per person can be brought into the competition and it has to be of that day. Today we had three sunrise pictures (it was a spectacular sunrise, with violet, pink and yellow skies, it nearly looked like a forecast for bad weather), one night picture with compass and moon, two happy crew at watch hand over pictures and one of Erik working aloft.

The one of the rigging has won, made by Andy. It won with 5 out of the 7 votes. So that was quite the score as one can not vote for their own picture. Hope you like it as well!

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