Day 23, Rock and roll 

17’45.1S 029’46.3W
7,1 kn course 182′

Rock and roll watches
Rock and roll, but not in a good way. Everything seemed to be moving on board, we were going side to side, sails barely staying filled with wind and sometimes a big bang from the rigging. What a frustrating seastate! Since this morning a cross sea was running, with steep short waves. Everything was moving. Everything becomes a hassle, getting dressed, making dinner, setting the table, holding on to everything while walking. And on top of that, we had drizzle, from morning till evening..
And now, all is calm again. The swell has become a longer swell which the Tecla rides well. The sails stay full and even a glass could stand on the table. The rain has stopped and the wind is steady. The rocking and rolling has become a smooth jazz. And boy does it feel good.

We had another picture competition and this time I won with a picture of Tinke during the night watch. During the watches, there is always something to do, something needs cleaning, greasing, oiling or putting away. Also during the night. This picture is Tinke greasing the gooseneck of the mainboom, with Rachelle in the background providing light and laughter.

We turned our course due South today. If the weather reports are right and stay this way, the low pressure area that was below us, causing a lot of southerly wind closer to shore, will move South slowly and then fill. We should be in a band of steady North East for a while now. And if the weather becomes a bit more stable, we will have a choice in a day or so, wether we would like to turn to starboard and visit Brazil next week…

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