Day 37, thank you and till next time

03:30 BT 24’39.2S 043’28.8W
6,6kn course 178′

Out to sea again
We have left Brazil behind us and have chosen for open sea again.
We spend 4 days in Angra dos Reis, at anchor close to the Angra dos Reis Marina Clube. With their help we were able to go ashore, get some supplies and get both our Iridium go fixed and get a new sensor for our generator. A perfect stop!
After Angra dos Reis we set off to Ilha Grande for one last full day of swimming, maintenance and some time off ashore. This day was very well spend. Hiking through the jungle, standing underneath a waterfall, sitting on a beach, getting some local drinks and more. In 2014 we spend 3 months in Brazil, mainly around the area of Ilha Grande. We fell in love with the possibilities of anchorages, hikes and spectacular nature and wildlife. The sailing was sometimes hard as there were only very light breezes. Being back, it felt amazing to see it all once again. Although Abraao has developed further and is more commercial then 8 years ago, it still has that amazing fibe.

But it is also good to be underway again. Fresh breeze through our hair and making south to get to a cooler climate.
We started off under engine with little to no wind. We then set all sails and are now even reefed down to the first reef as the showers bring some wind. We are making a little east , we want to get out of the coast. Mainly because of the Pompero wind blowing down the Rio Plata between Uruguai and Argentina. But also because the predicted wind out of shore is stable and heading in the right direction!

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