Day 38, cold

01:40 BT 22-11-2022
27’09.2S 042’33.7W
73kn course 173′

2nd layers are on!
This night we came on watch, long pants, even sailing pants because of the moist and a one-layer sweater. Expecting it to be kind of warm still… but within minutes, we were back inside getting a second layer, because as Erik was saying ‘it is getting cold’.
Now cold is of course very relative, but as we head out farther of shore and more and more South, the temperature is dropping, even in the sunny afternoons. And our bodies and minds are still on 25-degree nights and 30-degree days!

We are making good progress, the mainsail was reefed last night, the mizzen is now reefed since this afternoon. But with speeds comes a challenge, the waves. Seasickness in these first few days is understandable. Especially as we are heading into the waves. But moreover, the movement is somewhat tiring, for everything you brace, doing dishes is a challenge. Although our new kitchen is perfect to jam yourself, the water in the washing basin is still liquid! Dinner is eating with one hand and holding you water glass with the other. And doing chores just takes a little longer. But in bed we have our new boards to make sure that at least your rest is very comfortable!

In the morning we have been enjoying spectacular sunrises and in the evening all the colors we can see when the sun sets. Now in the complete dark, as we have no moon, we can see every single star, or so it feels. The milky way is displayed clearly and light and several planets shine even brighter, so strong they twinkle! It looks like this night might be a dry night!

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