Day 39, on top

03:05 bt 23-11-2022
30’20.0S 041’50.7W
7,2 kn course 172

They always come in three, or more
Today was a busy day! Work, bad things and big waves always seem to come in three’s. In the morning we had to take down the second jib, as the tack was broken and we could not set her again. Then the mizzen halliard attachment to the gaff slid backwards and the rocking by the waves has become so annoying that we have one down seasick and life itself on board has to go in slow motion, waiting for a wave or bracing against one. So yes it comes in three’s.

But right now, since an hour or so, the waves have started to decrease, we fixed the mizzen during daylight and we are making a plan for the jib repairs! Hopefully all good comes in fours!

To be a little more comfortable on the waves we are heading straight South, riding down the waves, more then taking them sideways. The waves during the day were short for an ocean, the Tecla did not fit in between some of them, making it into some sort of a corkscrew effect. But as they build up, they are getting longer and now we ride down some of them. Makes me think of Jannette who would always start singing one particular song, while on top of the high waves… “I’m on the top of the world, looking, down on creation and the only explanation I can find..’ etc etc. Happy Birthday Jannette and Gijs!

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