Day 40, speed

02:30 bt 24-11-2022
32’41.8S 41’33.1W

9 knot under reefed mizzen and forestaysail
What a ride, the wind over deck doesn’t feel like much. But when you look around you see white caps on the waves, and wave hight’s building up to 3 meters and a bit more for the exceptional one. The sky doesn’t look like a lot of wind, but when you check the GPS, we are doing 9 knots! It feels good to have the wind in your back and the current pushing you along!
Then this evening, a lot earlier then expected from the weather report, we started to get closer and closer to the front that was going to pass us. Rain came in and we lost the wind. Although weather report was speaking of 24 knots of wind, we are now stuck with no wind. So under engine for a bit until we get to the other side of the front where we hope to pick up some westerly wind.

We have been spotting more and more albatrosses. Not just the black browed albatross but also the sooty albatross. A couple have been with us most of the day. One of them seems to have a white ring around his eye. Very marked. We may have also spotted a yellow beaked albatross.

On board all is well other wise. Although we are rocking a lot on the waves, chores are being done and while having dinner, the only difference is that we hold on to our glass of water. Slowly we are getting back into the rhythm of the watches again. We do have to adjust a little in our wardrobe though! The heat is gone, so thermal layers have been talked about. Getting our new woolen blankets back on the bed for the nights instead of just a sheet is also a hot topic during the night watch.

Repairs on mizzen 1 day ago

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