Day 41, Hot chocolate

01:55 bt 25-11-2022
34’54.7S 042’53.3W
6.0kn course 214′

Hot chocolate and rising stars
After a whole night of rain, wet air and more rain, we have made our way into a windless area under engine. The ocean is like a mirror with only a long swell left, after the choppy seas we had the past few days (this also means the seasickness is completely cured). Right now the surface of the ocean is reflecting stars that rise in the east and set in the west. Keeping us on our toes, thinking they are ships on the horizon. Which seems unlikely as we are in the middle of the ocean, a place no other ships then sailing ships probably frequent.. but then we look at the AIS and there are actually other ships around! One is about to come over the horizon and make a welcome change from a rising star, to an actual ship called the Symphony!

This morning after the rain stopped the watch on watch thought it was time to stop thinking we are in the tropics and admit that we are actually getting colder… so they made hot chocolate milk! During the day we had sunny weather, amazing. But only one person wore their shorts, the rest of us were in at least jeans.. if not long johns under sailing clothing..!

In the evening we tried to organize a movie night out on the deck.. but as we make our way south, the sun sets later and later.. so at watch handover, there was still at least an hour of sun left, so we could not see the image of the beamer on our makeshift screen. Maybe tomorrow we will do a movie night inside. Hopefully we’ll be back under sail by that time. The weather report seems to indicate so!

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