Day 45, Sailing

02:17 bt 29-11-2022
41’39.1S 051’30.2W
9.7 kn course 230′

Sailing again!
This afternoon, instead of a workout with music and involving countdowns, we had a workout setting all sails again!
And then at dinner time we reefed down mizzen and mainsail as the wind was forecasted to increase.

Waking up from my alarm at 23:40 board time, it felt very calm. No strange or strenuous movement, no real healing, just a gentle forward movement. I got dressed, thermals just in case, wet weather gear, even if it doesnt rain, the deck can be pretty wet from the moist in the air and my slipper, woolen ones. Just because I can.
I got to the chart table, still somewhat tiered, looked at the digital chart and saw, 10,4 kn.. I thought, that’s weird.. I stuck my head out of the hatch and felt maybe 10 maybe 12 knots of wind on my cheek, we are sailing a broad reach and all is quiet.. Erik at the helm, and no real drama that you would expect at 10,4… So I think, it must be a glitch… Look at the GPS again… 10,2kn! We must have found some kind of little current, this is going great!

Right now we can feel the true strength of the wind. It has increased to a full force 5, sometimes 6, we are still going at a broad reach and are doing 9,4 average. We have some showers around, so the wet weather gear may even be necessary. I also put on my boots, just in case. Better relieve Tinke from the helm soon, the radar is showing up fairly Green now.

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