Day 46, only 500 nm

02:10 bt 30-11-2022
43’51.4S 052’51.2W
4.6kn course 264′

Less then 500 miles to go
This morning we started of with lowering the mainsail. Partly because of greasing and checking and partly as there was enough wind to do without. We were doing 8 knots before we let it down.. we were doing 8 knots after we let it down… As we were cleaning the deck a shower drifted in and the wind increased. No sharply, but gradually. So before half of the crew went to bed, jib #2 had to come down. It was blowing at 6bf in the shower, gusting 7. When the jib was on the deck, we were still doing 8 knots… just on a reefed mizzen and a forestaysail. The wind increased a little more during the next watch, steady at a 7 sometimes gusting at an 8bf.
Waves were building up, but nothing too crazy, about 3 to 4 meters.
The afternoon watch had a decreasing wind, as expected on the weather report and a decreasing wave, very nice! But just before dinner the wind dropped completely. With still enough wind to do 5 to 6 knots, we plottered on, until in the evening watch the wind turned an completely shifted. Now on a westerly course, winds are expected to turn more South and off we go, or so we hope.

During the day we saw some dolphins surfing the waves, they looked to be having fun! And all the storm petrels, albatrosses and more petrels, seemed to be having a great time with the strong wind, rushing just in front of a wave, speeding along.
We have about 500 miles to go to the Falkland Islands. And unfortunately we are currently not speeding along.

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