Day 47, and there was wind

02:00 bt 01-12-2022
44’39.4S 054’41.4W
5.0 kn couse 180

Pilot whales and a beautiful breeze

Last night we had a short period of too many waves and no wind, so we had to start the engine again.. but this morning at watch handover, there was a suspicion of wind.. So slowly we started setting sails once again. And by breakfast time we were cleaning up the deck under full sail again. The breeze stayed and increased to a force 4. Although we were heading into the Falkland Current, we were still doing 5 to 6 knots and not more then 30 degrees of our course to Port Stanley on the Falkaland Islands.

The weather had been greyish all day. No real sun, but no rain either. The cold is becoming more permanent. Just two days ago we were in shorts and tank top on the deck, today we counted layers and some of us came to 5 layers during the night and 3 layers during the day. We are all back to sleeping under our woolen blankets and ventilators are not needed any more.

Day 45, looking back

In the afternoon we were surprised by a pod of Pilot whales and a pod of dolphins at the same time! They were both very large pods, with over 50 pilot whales and at least over 20 dolphins! What a sight. The pilot whales were riding the waves. The dolphins seemed to be busy chasing food, as none came to ride our bow wave. But we had a good look at them and even got some decent pictures.

Other then that, the day was pretty calm. Tomorrow the wind will start to increase again and by the morning of the 2nd we will be back in strong winds and rougher seas. All coming from our hind quarters, so getting ready to surf again soon.

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