Day 48, another 300 miles to go!

02:03 bt 02-12-2022
46’44.5S 055’56.7W
8.8kn course 198′

Spectacular sunrises and sunsets
We have been treated with the best sunrises and sunsets so far! The sunrise starts at 03:30 board time already and lasts for almost an hour on clear days. Yesterday morning was one of those mornings. We were being followed by a great wanderer Albatross (or a Royal) and a group of Cape Petrels as well as some other petrels. And as the sun was rising, they were giving us a show in agility and maneuverability, even in light weather! The sky went from purple, to pink, to orange and back to pink again, before the sun finally made an appearance.

But also the sunsets have been amazing. They start yellow and orange and then go into a deep deep purple that turns into night! We breathe it all in and are all silent while watching it unfold.

During the day we spotted a Minke whale with calf. This time we were close enough to see the coloring on the flippers/fins. They did not linger, and were off to the west pretty fast. Not much later a fluke of a different whale was spotted, but it was too far away to see the animal.

Right now we are making our way South on the course line, wind is slowly increasing and should reach its hight during the afternoon. It should not last too long and its all on the aft quarter, but still, a lot of wind. Still just under 300 miles to go to the Falkland Islands!

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