Day 8, smooth sailing

53’26.2S 041’34.9W
8,7kn course 105′

Passed Shag and Black rock
With an average of 9 knots the last 12 hours, we have shot right passed Shag and Black rock, at which point we could bear off 10 degrees. Sailing has been amazing the past 24 hours. Still under reefed main and mizzen, forestaysail and #2 jib, with the sheets eased and the preventers on. The wind has gradually increased to a force 6 from the North North West and luckily for us, the waves have not really developed yet and so sailing is quite smooth.

A new visitor in the wildlife scene is the grey headed Albatross. And just before dinner there were many spouts of whales on the horizon. Sadly enough we could not distinguish what whales they were. May have been Fin Whales, but we did not get a look at any fins or tails.

It is half passed 1 in the morning as I write this and the light outside is already growing faster then yesterday. Which is nice for the next part of the voyage, as we have made our way onto the Antarctic Convergence zone and the water is now 4 degrees, with possibilities of icebergs. But with this strong Northerly wind, it would be unlikely that we spot them during this watch. Never the less, one eye is on the horizon and the other on the radar.

Other then that, we have not much news on board. Outside it is nice and chilly, downstairs the heater is on which makes it every so comfortable and cosy. The new Terschellinger Wool blankets are perfect in this temperature! So after watch its a warm glass of tea in the saloon and then off to our warm beds. In our little reading nook, we have started introducing some signs of Christmas. Every other day, an ornament will be added.

Photo by Jonathan Poblete 2019/20

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